My land is Kenya


Mobile Photography – Flowers of Limuru

I’ve been at a country home for a retreat this past weekend. In between sessions, I spent my spare time with mother nature in the premises’ gardens. Jumuia Limuru sure does have a beautiful garden, rich in flowers. Here are the results.¬† IMG_20121216_141847 IMG_20121216_141843 IMG_20121216_140313 IMG_20121216_135415 IMG_20121216_135328 IMG_20121216_134818 IMG_20121216_134746 IMG_20121216_134658 IMG_20121216_134626 IMG_20121216_134553 IMG_20121216_125725 IMG_20121216_125719 IMG_20121216_125711 IMG_20121216_125512 IMG_20121216_125425 IMG_20121216_125249 IMG_20121216_125217 IMG_20121216_124309 IMG_20121216_124230 IMG_20121216_124219 IMG_20121216_124204 IMG_20121216_124124 IMG_20121216_123915 IMG_20121216_123856 IMG_20121216_123803 IMG_20121216_123749 IMG_20121216_123716 IMG_20121216_123624 IMG_20121216_123533 IMG_20121216_123208 IMG_20121216_083612 IMG_20121216_083518 IMG_20121216_083506 179524_10151563463002506_389638329_n


Nairobi, two.

Animals of Lake Nakuru National Park

George’s Salon and barbershop.

As I waited to have my hair cut at my local barber shop…

Diani Beach, South Coast of Kenya

My good friend Shiko captured this shot. Cool, innit?

Half full? Half Empty?

Palacina Gardens, the Suites.